Ice Station LIMA was a quiet polar scientific research station, then in the spring of 192... a half frozen trapper was found by a trooper from the Royal Canadian Mounties. He told stories of Blinding Blizzards and mysterious fogs.. but the most interesting was his story of Spanish Gold.. he claimed he found Spanish treasure out in the far northern reaches, but how did Spanish gold get that far north? The trapper vanished shortly after but left a token.. A Spanish gold doubloon.  Within days the rush was on and Ice Station LIMA was the nearest shelter. However it became apparent that the Doubloon was radio active sparking the attention of Dr Tranik a scientist of some note, news circulated that he has funded an expedition and hired several unscrupulous mercenaries


Command Group :- Four figures ready to command you forces. ---Not Available Yet



NCO's Four Figures in various poses --- Not Available Yet



Troopers in Furs :- Four figures in Furs Armed with Rifles



Troopers in Skins :- Four troopers in Skins and armed with rifles



Support Group   Not Available Yet



HMG  Two man team with Vickers Machinegun



Recon. Team/ Special Forces   Four figures in Camo



Archeologists / Scientists [Set 1]  - Four figures unarmed in various poses 1 with a Spaish Helmet.



Sled Team    A Traditional Wooden Sled with one raindeer and a rider



Nay Command ... Not Available Yet        also see our Sand pebble range



Navy ratings      

4 figures - navy ratings in cold weather gear.


ICE 12

Dog Sled

Sled with rider and dogs


ICE 13

Four [4] Sled dogs


ICE 14

Wolf Pack     5 wolve selected at random to give variety 


ICE 15

Yeti.     2 Yeti strolling through the wilderness


ICE 16

Snow Cats    2 Snow cats 


ICE 17

NAIN   mithical Chinese beast  .....  from the high Tibetan mountains ?


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