Victoriana, VSF, Pulp and Steampunk Bits and bobs along with other odds and sods.

Don't forget to check other pages for Navy bits and Divers. The Mounties and Miners etc are there too. 

NWF 01

NWF Tribesmen with melee weapons. selected at random you get 10 figures.


NWF 02

NWF Tribesmen with firearms, 10 different figures.


LP 01

Lost Patrol.  Officer set.

5  28mm White metal figures. Lost patrol are wearing British Style Kit With Wolseley type sun helmets. They carry rucksacks and haversacks some have Machetes.


LP 02

Lost Patrol.

5 - 28mm figures in British Style Kit.Wolseley type sun helmets, Rucksacks, haversacks , some have Machetes or tent poles etc.


MEX 01

Mexicans in traditional dress. Each pack has 10 white metal figures selected at random to give a nice mixed unit.

can also be used as Cubans to give them more varied appearance.



Navy Crew. 5 white metal figures in various poses. [ could be used as gun crew].



Murphy's Boys

A set of four gentlemen [?] 3 wearing bowlerhats armed and ready [Shotgun, Rifles and hunting knives] plus 'the chauffeur' with rifle at the ready.



Desert Rangers

A set of 4 men. caps, goggles and scarves. Armed with assorted weapons, a pistol, Shot gun and rifles.



Night Watchmen

Four Watchmen in bowler hats with various weapons 



Brunnell's Vigilanties


Four Gentlemen in Top hats with various weapons.



Captain Grimshaws Gunners


Set of Four Gunners in Bowler hats   [ use EX11 - British 18pdr]


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