General figures that suit several Armies and Serbian And Montenegro Troops.

BW 101

Top Brass.

Five Generic figures that will go with most armies of the time, including most European armies through WW1


BWS 001

Serbian Infantry advancing and can be used from 1908 thru to WW1


BWS 002

Serbian Infantry in action. Please note Contents may vary from photo.


BWS 03

Serbian Infantry Command, 5 Figures.


BWS 006

Serbian Gunners :- Five gunners


BWS 07

Pack of Two M/G Teams. Four figures with 2 m/g's


BWS 08

Serbian Cavalry. 2 riders and two horses. Horses selected at random.


BWS 011

Serbian Gernerl command



Montenegrin Infantry :- 5 figures in various poses in regular Uniform and Blanket rolls



Montenegrin Infantry Firing :- 5Figures in various Firing and loading poses



Regular Infantry Command :- 5 Figures includes Standard bearer, Officer in peaked cap Bugler etc.



Montenegrin Irregular Infantry in Traditional Dress



Montenegrin Irregular infantry in Traditional dress with command.



Montenegrin Mountain Gun and Crew.


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