Colonial :-     Colonial NWF   Colonial German    Colonial Dutch   


First and Second Balkan Wars:- 


 Greek   Bulgarian   Turkish   Montenegrin     Serbian     Artillery


Spanish- American War:-  American   Spanish   Cuban   Filipino Insurgents


Winter wars      Deep Sea Divers     Mounties, Trappers and Miners

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 Colonial British Arriving.




Colonial Dutch


 Dutch colonial figures available KNIL for late Colonial Period to WW2 [Gun is EX 08




Safety Note. 

Parents please note that our products are cast in Fine grade White metal and may have pointy bits and are unsuitable for very young children.

General note on figures. 

Please note that all figures and kits are supplied unpainted. 

Some items such are guns need some assembly using a suitable glue, super glue is fine.

Standard Bearers etc are not supplied with flag poles - white metal poles tend to bend out of shape easily most war-gamer's and modelers prefer to make there own or buy wire metal ones.



First and Second Balkan Wars  1912 -13


            Great range figures for the Balkan wars including the Greeks, Turks, Bulgarians, Montenegrin and Sebians

These figures are usable right through WWI too. 


Spanish American Wars - Cuba - Philippines 1898 




 Colonial early 20th Century


 NWF - North West Frontier and Afghanistan 

Tiger Miniatures is re-releasing our range of Colonial NWF Afghan forces from late 19th Century to 1920's and the 3rd Anglo-Afghan war.


German Colonial forces 



We have German East and West Africa,


Don't forget the Hereros 

Dutch East Indies and KNIL Forces  



 Dutch Colonial fighting off warriors of lombok....  


Winter War - Mounties - Ice Station Lima 



WINTER WAR 1918   

British - Commonwealth troops, American. Russian -

The 1918 Intervention




  including - Korean - Chinese - Mongols - Manchu 






 guns, limbers, boxes, life belts. cowls, ships wheels ...... 

 Pack mule sets and Mule wagons are listed on the

Equipment page







Greek Balkan War Figures :- These Nicely painted figures are from argsilverson's collection painted by George "Bellifortis" {war museum conributor} --thank you for allowing us to show them.



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US rifleman
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